Innovation of vibration characteristics of reducer speed integrated gear based on harmonic balance method

Through the dynamic signal analysis system, the vibration characteristics of the gear system are tested, and the vibration states of the gear system under two different working conditions of constant speed and variable load and variable speed are tested. The vibration acceleration signal of the gear is collected by the acceleration sensor. After the signal processing, the variation law of the vibration acceleration measured by the experiment and the theoretical analysis results are compared and analyzed The theoretical basis is provided for further improving the dynamic performance of the gear mechanism and optimizing the gear structure.

Based on the harmonic balance method, the approximate analytical solution of the vibration model of the reducer variable speed integrated gear is derived, and the influence law of the key parameters of the system on the vibration amplitude and slapping state of the gear is revealed.

(1) Based on the torsional vibration model, considering the support stiffness, the coupling vibration model of gear is established, and then the vibration law of gear system is analyzed;

(2) The machining accuracy of non-circular gear is low and the noise is high in the test. Therefore, it is necessary to study a more reasonable and efficient machining method for non-circular gear.

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