Analysis of gear vibration characteristics under meshing impact excitation

In the actual process of gear meshing transmission, due to the manufacturing error and tooth deformation of the gear, the meshing point near the meshing in and out of the gear often deviates from the theoretical meshing line, resulting in the abrupt change of transmission ratio. At this time, the normal speed at the meshing points of the two gears is not equal, resulting in the out of line meshing impact force The vibration noise increases.

Many scholars at home and abroad have studied the vibration characteristics of the system under meshing impact. In the early research, some scholars first proposed that the meshing impact has a great impact on the dynamic characteristics of the system, which is the main reason for the vibration and noise of the gear system, and preliminarily analyzed the influence of the meshing impact on the system vibration; Wu Baolin, Sheng Yun, etc. deduced the expressions of the impact velocity and impact force of the line external meshing through the theoretical model of the external meshing and the impact mechanics theory, and gave the expressions According to the meshing force and the “deformation load” curve, the comprehensive deformation of the meshing impact point is derived, and the meshing impact force considering the tooth surface friction is calculated finally. Wang Feng introduces the coincidence degree into the meshing impact theoretical calculation model, and takes into account the meshing impact Chen et al. Calculated the impact stress of the sun gear of planetary gear system under different loads, studied the meshing stiffness of planetary gear with sun gear or ring gear and the dynamic transmission error of the system. At the same time, Huang Zeping and so on have carried on the ADAMS virtual prototype simulation research, has obtained the meshing impact force result, and has made the comparison with the theoretical method calculation value, has certain guiding significance to the gear transmission design.

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