Interface characteristics of gear pair

The interface characteristics of gear pair refer to the complex composition combination properties formed by the micro geometric characteristics, lubrication characteristics and heat treatment process between or on the meshing surfaces of gears. In order to ensure that the gear device has good external performance, its macro performance characteristics (bearing capacity, efficiency, vibration and noise, etc.) largely depend on the micro characteristics of the gear on the relevant working face. The superposition and combination of various micro characteristics are collectively referred to as the interface characteristics, which further affect the external performance of the gear pair.

Pan et al. And Huang et al. Studied in detail the nonlinear dynamic response of gear shaft bearing system under the action of micro geometric interface characteristics with tooth surface and its influence on friction coefficient under lubrication conditions. Femandez del Rincon et al. Studied the application and influence of the interface load effect on the dynamic response of gear box under the actual steady-state elastohydrodynamic lubrication. Zhou et al. Studied the prediction of oil film stiffness and damping under elastohydrodynamic lubrication and the supplement and application to the time-varying meshing stiffness of gears.

With the development of modern scientific and technological instruments and the exploration of measurement methods in micro scale space, the interface characteristics between objects are gradually developed and studied by researchers, and some interdisciplinary application theories are gradually put forward, such as the application of fractal theory in interface friction and the realization process of engineering application. It can be seen that the interface characteristics are extremely complex, and it is very difficult to study them comprehensively. In order to analyze and study the influence of interface characteristics on time-varying meshing stiffness and its engineering application, the geometric and mechanical characteristics such as interface friction coefficient and micro morphology of rough surface based on fractal theory are selected to qualitatively study the influence trend of interface characteristics on meshing stiffness or interface contact stiffness.

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