Some introduction on spiral bevel gear

Tooth form of spiral bevel gear is circular shape and generally displays cone-shape, even like umbrella. So the kind gear is named as spiral bevel gear. It is a kind of transmission parts, which can have transmission operations with stable transmission ratios smoothly and silently. It has different titles in different regions, which contains spiral bevel gear, curve-tooth bevel gear, arc bevel gear, gleason spiral bevel gear etc..


Spiral bevel gear has advantages of high transmission efficiency, smooth transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high carrying capacity, smooth transmission, excellent reliability, compact structure, energy efficiency, space saving, wear resistance, long service life and low noise.

Among every kind of mechanical transmissions, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gear ranks No.1. Therefore, it can bring great economy benefit on varieties of transmissions, especially high power ones. Spiral bevel gear can provide permanently-smooth transmission ratios, which is actually a basic requirement concerning transmission performances within all kinds of mechanical transmissions.


Spiral bevel gear is widely applied to a variety of machines, which is used in oilfield and petrochemical fields, machine tools, machining equipments, engineering machines, metallurgical equipments, rolling machines, mining machines, coal mine machines, textile manufacturing machines and other industrial areas at home and abroad.