Introduction to Y3150E gear hobbing machine

Because gears are widely used and used, gear processing machine tools are key equipment in engineering machinery, automobile industry and so on. Involute spur gear and involute helical gear can be processed on gear hobbing machine. When a special hob is installed on the hob holder, the spline and sprocket tooth shape can be processed. The machining accuracy of gear hobbing machine is: Grade 7 ~ 6 for ordinary gear hobbing machine and grade 4 ~ 3 for high-precision gear hobbing machine.

1 bed 2 column 3 tool rest slide 4 tool bar 5 tool rest body
6 support 7 spindle 8 rear column 9 worktable 10 bed saddle

Y3150E hobbing gear is a medium-sized general-purpose hobbing gear widely used. The picture shows Y3150E hobbing machine. The positional relationship between various parts of the gear hobbing machine is as follows:

The machine bed 1 of the gear hobbing machine tool is fixed on the ground, the column 2 is fixed on the machine bed 1, and the tool carriage slide 3 can move up and down on the column guide rail. Its function is to make the hob of the gear hobbing machine move axially along the axis of the workpiece to be processed. The tool bar 4 is fixed on the tool spindle of the tool holder body 5, and the tool holder body 5 can turn an angle around its own axis (i.e. the installation angle of the hob). The workpiece to be processed is installed on the spindle 7 of the worktable to rotate with the worktable. Install the rear column 8 and worktable 9 on the bed saddle 10 to make it move horizontally along the guide rail on the bed. Its main function is to adjust the radial position of the processed workpiece or make the processed workpiece move radially.

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