Key design technology of gear in China

(1) Present situation

Gear technology powers such as Europe, America and Japan continue to improve the design level, product power density and reliability, and reduce noise and cost through continuous research. In recent years, the design level of gear products in China has been continuously improved, and the gap with advanced countries is gradually narrowing. However, the gap in some aspects is still very obvious, mainly manifested in: ① lack of domestic professional software that can realize multidisciplinary coupling design and analysis; ② The deviation of dynamic modeling and dynamic characteristic analysis is large, and the design level of vibration and noise reduction is low; ③ There is a big gap between multi planetary gear load sharing design technology, hybrid electric vehicle power synthesis technology, large ship redundancy confluence and diversion technology; ④ The efficiency and heat balance calculation of gear transmission system are lack of experimental research and calculation basis; ⑤ Did not master the electromechanical hydraulic composite transmission integrated design technology with automobile automatic transmission and speed regulating transmission device of ultra supercritical thermal power unit as typical products.

(2) Challenge

Due to the above obvious gap, China’s gear products have low efficiency, power density and reliability, high vibration and noise, automobile automatic transmission and other high-grade gear products rely on imports, and the transmission devices of some military equipment are blocked by foreign technology.

(3) Target

① Strong development of advanced multidisciplinary coupling design and analysis software; ② Strengthen dynamics research, combine dynamics design, vibration and noise reduction and gear modification to improve product grade; ③ Overcome the core technology of electromechanical hydraulic composite transmission, make the automotive automatic transmission based on domestic manufacturing, and develop zero slip composite transmission; ④ Carry out thermal balance test and research to reduce power loss and match the strength power and thermal power of gear transmission device; ⑤ Break through the technology of power diversion, synthesis and redundancy design, and solve the problems of power diversion, synthesis and backup of ships, aircraft and other important equipment.

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