Key process equipment technology of gear in China

Gear is an important basic part of electromechanical products. Gear transmission is a main form of transmitting machine power and motion. Gear industry is the most technology intensive and capital intensive industry in machinery industry. China’s gear industry mainly includes three parts: vehicle gear transmission manufacturing, industrial gear transmission manufacturing and gear equipment manufacturing.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, especially the automobile industry, China’s gear industry has developed rapidly. In recent years, the average growth rate of China’s gear industry has doubled in five years. In 2014, the annual output value of the gear industry reached 100 billion yuan. Gear industry has become the largest industry of mechanical basic parts in China.

At present, there are nearly 1000 large and small gear enterprises, more than 300 backbone gear enterprises and more than 80 enterprises with more than 100 million yuan. The capital structure of China’s gear industry has formed a tripartite situation of joint-stock enterprises, private enterprises and wholly-owned (joint venture) enterprises. Various joint-stock companies restructured from state-owned enterprises are the foundation of China’s gear industry. After years of reform, they have developed rapidly, and the annual sales of a number of enterprises have exceeded 1 billion yuan. Private enterprises are developing most rapidly and have become the main force of the market. These enterprises have a sales scale of 212 billion yuan and are entering the international market in a flexible way and competitive advantage. The technology of sole proprietorship and joint venture is advanced and the market operation is relatively mature. Its products and management play an exemplary role in China’s gear industry.

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