Key process equipment technology of gear in China

(1) Present situation

① Gear cutting machine tools: cylindrical gear making machine tools such as gear hobbing machine, gear shaper and gear milling machine have a large gap with the foreign advanced level in terms of production efficiency, manufacturing accuracy, compounding and large-scale; The gap between spiral bevel gear processing machine tools is larger, and the prototype of large spiral bevel gear processing machine tools is developed; ② CNC gear grinding machine: Germany’s CNC forming gear grinding machine is the world leader. Advanced technologies such as automatic tool setting, automatic dressing, on-line measurement and intelligent correction of grinding wheel have been applied. High precision, high efficiency, function combination and large-scale have become the trend. The gear grinding accuracy has stably reached level 3 ~ 5. China’s CNC forming gear grinding machines have experienced the process from scratch and from existence to precision, but there is still a big gap in reliability, machining efficiency and automatic tool setting. Most of the high-grade CNC gear grinding machines still rely on imports; ③ Heat treatment equipment: China’s high-grade gear induction quenching machine tools depend on imports. Carburizing equipment has low automation, high energy consumption and low level of quenching and cooling equipment, which is difficult to meet the requirements of process control, energy conservation and environmental protection; ④ Cutting tools and tools: almost all gear dry cutting tools, high-efficiency gear hobbing tools, high-performance CBN tools and gear grinding wheels are imported; ⑤ Measuring equipment: foreign CNC gear measuring centers are widely used, and the measurement accuracy is stable at Level 3; Large gear measuring center and CMM can measure gears with a diameter of 6m; Gear on-machine measurement system has become an integral part of machine tool; The gear rapid sorting measuring machine with manipulator for automatic loading and unloading on the gear production line has become the leading equipment for vehicle gear field measurement. The domestic medium modulus gear measurement center is relatively mature, and the measurement accuracy is stable at level 4; The maximum gear measuring center can measure the gear with a diameter of 2m; In machine measurement system is in the research and development stage; The gear rapid sorting measuring machine on the vehicle gear production line has been put into production; Coordinate measuring machines, small module gear measuring instruments and large diameter gear measuring instruments are almost all imported.

(2) Challenge

According to the requirements of key process equipment for gear product manufacturing in the future, China must overcome the design and manufacturing technology of the above series of key process equipment in order to focus on solving the following problems: gear cutting and grinding machine tools focus on solving the problems of high efficiency, high precision, NC, compound, large-scale, automatic loading and unloading, etc; Heat treatment equipment focuses on solving the problems of large scale, intelligence, high efficiency, low consumption and environmental protection; Cutting tools and tools focus on solving the problems of superhard cutting, long life and low cost; The measurement equipment focuses on solving the problems of measurement accuracy, measurement range, on-machine measurement, on-line measurement and so on.

(3) Target

① Develop high-precision, high-efficiency and large-scale CNC cylindrical gear grinding machine and bevel gear grinding machine, and change the situation that China’s large and high-grade gear grinding machines depend on imports; ② Develop dry hobbing machine and hard tooth surface hobbing machine, and develop special gear milling machine tools such as large bevel gear milling machine; ③ Develop efficient gear hobbing tools, develop tool coating materials and technologies, and expand the application of cemented carbide and CBN tools; Develop grinding wheels with high material removal rate, long service life and low dressing frequency; ④ Develop high-grade CNC induction quenching machine tools, and develop new heat treatment equipment such as gear carburizing and nitriding with intelligence, high efficiency, low consumption and environmental protection; ⑤ A super large gear in-situ measurement system based on laser tracking measurement technology and indoor lidar technology is developed ‚ A micro gear measuring machine based on optical fiber probe is developed, and a gear rapid sorting measuring machine coupled to the gear production line is developed.

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