Lubrication and maintenance of large open gear

Gear is one of the key transmission parts of mechanical equipment, and is a main form of equipment power conversion: with the development of mechanical equipment to high efficiency, high speed, precision and multi-function, the function and performance requirements of gear transmission are higher and higher. Gear lubrication is of great significance to the transmission of equipment, which directly determines the performance, service life, energy consumption and material consumption, vibration and noise of the equipment. Large open gear has large volume, simple structure, bad lubrication environment, difficult maintenance and high maintenance cost. With the continuous emergence of new materials and the progress of processing technology, the power transmitted by open gear is higher and higher, while the tooth width size is decreasing, which puts forward more and more stringent requirements for the maintenance of open gear.

In view of the maintenance problem of large open gear, some scholars have analyzed the characteristics of different lubricating products for open gear lubrication, and carried out the application of fluid grease products in oil bath lubrication. Starting from the technical system of equipment lubrication reliability, the aim is to avoid equipment wear accidents and reduce equipment failure rate. In addition, through the multi-dimensional evaluation methods such as monitoring, detection and evaluation, etc., it is expected that In order to prevent the equipment from abnormal wear and mechanical failure, it is necessary to set up the process procedures such as oil addition and maintenance in advance to avoid major equipment lubrication failure.

The typical T. conditions of large open gear are heavy load, low speed, high temperature, impact load, dust pollution, water washing, etc., which operate in extreme environment and harsh T. conditions. In addition, the open gear design structure is simple, but the volume is huge. The equipment it is located in is generally one of the most basic and key equipment in the factory production line. Therefore, for the maintenance of large open gear, it is recommended to use fast oil monitoring technology, suitable lubricant, reasonable lubrication method and scientific management method. Through professional, reasonable and scientific equipment maintenance, it can reduce open gear wear, prolong service life, reduce production loss, improve the operation stability of equipment, and support safe, reliable and efficient production of enterprises.

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