Lubrication technology of large open gear

Spray lubrication

Large open gear adopts spray lubrication technology, which requires not only reasonable selection of lubricant but also reasonable oil consumption; industrial enterprises should not blindly reduce oil consumption according to equipment operation frequency, load, temperature, gear tooth width, gear speed and tooth surface and other influencing factors, and should follow the principle of “a small number of times”. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the spraying system, such as oil pressure, air pressure, spraying pattern, lubricant dosage, etc., to ensure the normal oil supply of the spraying system.

When installing a new spraying system, it is necessary to select the appropriate number of nozzles. The spray pattern is shown in Figure a. the nozzle pitch should be controlled at 30 ° and the installation distance should be 150-200 mm (Fig.).

Oil bath

In addition to selecting the right oil, keeping the oil pool clean is a very important work, which is often ignored. If the oil pool is mixed with other powder impurities, it will cause the lubricant to dry up, and the tooth surface can have serious scratch and dent damage in a short time. In addition, the oil level in the oil pool needs to be paid attention to in the bath lubrication mode. It is suggested that the oil level of open gear should be 1 / 2-1 tooth height at the bottom of pinion. Meanwhile, lubricant consumption should be observed frequently during routine maintenance to master the replenishment amount and refueling interval of equipment. If the oil level is too low, the lubrication, heat dissipation and wear will be increased; if the oil level is too high, the agitation loss of lubricant will be increased, resulting in higher oil temperature and gear friction loss.

Open gear housing

The sealing performance of the gear cover also needs to be paid attention to. If the surrounding dust pollution is serious, it is necessary to pay attention to the powder leakage, water accumulation, oil leakage, lubricant casing accumulation, etc. in case of any problem, timely handle it.

Lubricants are not universal

Lubricant is one of the many conditions to maintain the normal operation of the equipment. If the gear of the equipment can not operate normally, it should be considered from many aspects, such as equipment design, installation, gear alignment, gear bearing seat, etc. Gear damage will affect the normal use of the whole equipment. Therefore, the open gear shall be inspected and recorded regularly. If abnormal data is found, it shall be followed up in time to avoid loss caused by accident shutdown.

Quantitative addition of special lubricant for open gear

The working environment of large open gear is bad, so its lubrication condition is also very harsh. The lubricant must choose the special lubricant which is suitable for the bad working conditions, and can not replace the high performance product with the low performance product. It is incorrect for some equipment managers to use closed gear oil instead of special open gear lubricant on large open gear, which will lead to rapid damage of open gear and even production line shutdown, resulting in unpredictable loss. For example, the open gear of the mixer in a cement plant is lubricated by oil bath. The use of domestic CKD460 * closed gear oil will cause serious pitting corrosion and plastic deformation of the open gear tooth surface in a short period of time, and the factory is forced to replace the pinion, resulting in large loss = only some small open gear equipment or equipment with low power can use high viscosity closed gear Type gear oil instead of the original, but always check the wear condition of the gear and replace it carefully.

Objects of spray lubrication

The wear between gears is mutual. Although the hardness of the open gear pinion is slightly higher than that of the big gear, the wear failure generally starts from the small gear and then spreads to the big gear. The wear failure mechanism of the small gear is higher than that of the big gear. The reason for this kind of wear failure is that the rotation speed of the small gear is more than that of the big gear, and the T. frequency of the tooth surface is also higher than that of the big gear Lubricating the small teeth can give the best protection to the tooth surface, thus protecting the big gear.

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