Lubrication system of large open gear

The working condition of large open gear is very bad. In order to meet the operation characteristics of open gear, different lubricants are used in different operation stages to cope with different working conditions.

(1) In the initial installation stage, the lubricant is used for the initial lubrication, rust prevention and alignment of open gear.

(2) Running in stage. The lubricant is used to reduce the roughness of the tooth surface, increase the contact area of the gear mesh, make the load on the tooth surface evenly distributed, and improve the bearing capacity of the open gear.

(3) Equipment daily operation stage. The lubricant ensures that the open gear can operate safely and stably with low wear and long service life under daily harsh working conditions.

(4) In case of serious pitting, spalling and unbalanced load of open gear, repair and forced running in lubricant can be used, and the method of forced wear of tooth surface can be adopted, but this kind of lubricant should be used carefully.