Machining error analysis of driving gear in shearer cutting section

Because MATLAB software adopts a unified data type without specifying variables, and has good scalability and high programming efficiency, it is suitable for processing sparse matrix and can complete a variety of operations of matrix or array. Therefore, this paper uses MATLAB to analyze the dynamics of gears with tooth side clearance. Determine the analysis model of gear machining of reducer, initialize the parameters of gear machining shaft, use the sparse matrix created by computer system to solve the stiffness and damping of gear meshing, and finally get the influence of different inter tooth clearance on gear machining angular displacement, angular velocity and angular acceleration. Analysis flow of inter tooth clearance in gear machining error.

Because the gear machining process is affected by many factors, it is impossible to achieve zero error in gear machining. In order to ensure the meshing stability between gear machining, heat dissipation requirements and compensate manufacturing and installation errors, reasonable tooth side clearance is allowed. In this paper, the minimum normal backlash recommendation table is used to obtain the simulation value of backlash.

In order to avoid that it is difficult to find the change law of the obtained simulation results, multiple groups of parameters should be set for simulation, and the influence of the parameter on the simulation results should be obtained by changing a parameter in each group of parameters. According to the numerical value and the actual situation, the tooth side clearance is calculated and rounded, and six groups of tooth side clearance simulation data can be obtained, which are 0, 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm respectively.

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