Machining error of gear in transmission system of shearer cutting section

The transmission system of shearer cutting part has the advantages of compact structure and high bearing capacity, and can realize a wide range of transmission ratio. Its working performance directly affects the coal mining quality and operation efficiency. The transmission system of the cutting part is mainly composed of gear parts. In the process of gear processing, due to the constraints of equipment technology, design methods and human factors, it is difficult for the product to be 100% qualified. When the gears with machining errors are applied to the transmission system, it will inevitably reduce the stability and reliability of shearer operation, and cause adverse consequences for the efficiency and safety of coal mining operation. Therefore, while improving the level of gear manufacturing technology, the influence degree of gear processing error under different working conditions should be analyzed, so as to ensure the stable operation of shearer transmission system to the greatest extent.

By analyzing the causes and effects of the machining error of the transmission gear of the shearer cutting part, taking the common tooth side clearance in the machining error as the research object, the simulation experiment is carried out by using MATLAB system, so as to measure the influence of different tooth side clearance on the gear dynamic characteristics, and provide a theoretical basis for the design and improvement of the shearer transmission system It is of great practical significance to improve the working stability and transmission accuracy of shearer.

The tooth side clearance caused by machining error has a great impact on the transmission system of shearer. The simulation experiment of gear angular acceleration with different tooth side clearance is carried out by MATLAB. The results show that with the increase of tooth side clearance, the angular acceleration of gear also increases, which is easy to reduce the motion stability of transmission system; The gear angular acceleration near the motor side is more sensitive to the backlash. Therefore, in order to ensure the requirements of transmission accuracy of shearer transmission system, it is necessary to reduce the tooth side clearance caused by machining error, especially the tooth side clearance of the first four gear pairs, so as to improve the transmission accuracy and operation stability of shearer cutting part transmission system.

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