Machining large-size and high-precision spiral bevel gears

Large diameter spiral bevel gears are mainly used for large reducers in mineral, metallurgical, petroleum and other industries. With the rapid development of heavy industry in China, the demand for large size spiral bevel gears is increasing. At present, most of the large size spiral bevel gears used in industry are programmed gears of side middleware, but the side middleware must be double-knife and half-knife because cutters andMachine tools have complex structures and are difficult to manufacture.

Only German companies currently have itDr.FrationBell gear multi-axle digital press and cutting machine manufacturing technology, in order to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises on large-size spiral bevel gears and reduce manufacturing costs, this paper proposes two solutions. First, the side gear design is changed to repair design, which is easy to calculate and easy to adjust. Second, the lathe is controlled by digital control.Advantages: the universal shaft linkage digital controller helical gear lathe is used to directly machine the integral shear plate of the design side middleware, which reduces the cost. The research is carried out around the design and manufacturing technology of two large-size helical bevel gears, i.e. circular arc contour bevel gear and cycloid-quasi-involute bevel gear. According to the author’s many years’experience, a new understanding is gained on the research of this kind of gear.

With the rapid development of heavy industry in China, the demand for large-size spiral bevel gears is increasing in mineral, metallurgical and petroleum industries.At present, the large-size spiral bevel gears used in China generally belong to the value system of superelevation on the side, but this gear belongs to the double-blade head.Special devices are needed to process special transmitters. Tools and lathes are only manufactured in German companies. Gears are not ground after being heated and their precision is low. These shortcomings have a very negative impact on the digital production of large-size spiral bevel gears in China.

In order to break the technical blockade and narrow the gap between China’s gear industry and the world’s powerful gear country, it is of great practical significance to study the key technology of designing and manufacturing large-size spiral bevel gears, put forward higher requirements for the design and manufacturing technology of large-size spiral bevel gears, and adopt the solution of arc-shaped equal-height arc gears.Compared with side gears, circular arc gears have the advantages of simple calculation and easy adjustment, and can also be processed into a uniform half-cutter in China. After heating, the grinding of teeth can also be processed.It can improve the precision of gears.