Machining Technology of Large Size and High Precision Spiral Bevel Gear

Processing principle of spiral bevel gear: the analog wheel is the processed gear, the uniform chuck is the teeth of the contoured wheel. When simulating the element of wheel combination breakage, the cutter disc cuts off the teeth of the wheel. The main problem to be solved is how to process the large wheel and the small wheel in memory so that the correct value can be calculated after machining.

Many experts and scholars at home and abroad have carried out a lot of research and published a lot of papers and professional works, especially on the contracted-tooth spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear. Because the large and small wheels are machined into a flat-top production wheel, it is necessary to calculate their direction and curvature, and the contact analysis is very complex. Therefore, it is difficult to get an ideal result suitable for reality..

With the popularization of control gear lathe and grinding technology, the processing methods of gear systems in China have developed rapidly. They all use cycloid contour teeth, have simple calculation and better contact area than shrinkage. The research results show that the use of circular arc contour teeth is an ideal choice in the processing of small-batch production products, especially for spiral bevel gears of specifications.

Since the processing of contour bevel gears is completely universal in theory, the direction and curvature of the origin vector which need not be calculated are theoretically equivalent to the axle value, so three basic conditions can be simply sorted out.Before discussing these three basic conditions in detail, the adjustment parameters of the gear cutter are introduced. Here, the basic structure of the spiral bevel gear machining machine tool is introduced. The position of the cutter on the shelf is called the cutter base, the position of the gear on the shelf is called the wheel seat, and the cutter plate is set on the tilt body of the tool, so that the tilt body of the cutter is installed on the eccentric cylinder and the eccentric cylinder on the vibration table.On the upper side, the position of the knife is determined by the following parameters.

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