Machining technology of large size and high precision spiral bevel gear

Processing principle of spiral bevel gear: the Simulation wheel is a processed spiral bevel gear, and the unified chuck is the teeth of the profiling wheel. When the Simulation wheel combines the element of fracture, the cutter head cuts off the teeth of the wheel. How to memorize the large wheel and small wheel and calculate the correct value after processing is the main problem to be solved. In this regard, many experts and scholars at home and abroad have conducted a lot of research and published many papers and professional works, especially for shrinkage spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear. Because the large wheel and small wheel are processed into a flat top production wheel, it is necessary to calculate their direction and curvature, and the contact analysis is very complex, It is difficult to get ideal results when applied to reality. With the popularization of control spiral bevel gear machine tools and grinding technology, the machining methods of gear systems in China have developed rapidly. They all use cycloid equal height teeth, which are simple to calculate and have better contact area than shrinkage. The research results show that it is an ideal choice to use circular arc equal height teeth in the machining of small batch products, especially in the machining of specification spiral bevel gears.

The machining of equal height bevel gear is completely universal in theory, so it is not necessary to calculate the direction and curvature of the hair vector in theory. Its complexity is equivalent to the shaft value. Simply sort out three basic conditions. Before discussing these three basic conditions in detail, the adjustment parameters of the spiral bevel gear cutting machine are introduced. Here, the basic structure of the spiral bevel gear processing machine tool is introduced. The position with a knife on the shelf is called the cutter seat, and the position with a spiral bevel gear on the shelf is called the wheel seat. The cutter plate is set on the inclined body of the tool, so that the inclined rotating body of the knife is installed on the eccentric cylinder, The eccentric cylinder is installed on the vibration table, and the position of the knife is determined by the following parameters. The high gear like the arc wheel is also called the arc wheel. From the side, it shows the shape of a flat spiral bevel gear. The principle of its research and development is to polish the high teeth on the basis of the swing arc. In the process of processing, the factory generally cuts a small amount according to the plane of the spiral bevel gear in the mode of production and takes the “contact area” of each part as the starting point, The cutting machine is combined with the shaft to realize the machining of shrinkage spiral bevel gear.

Theoretically, three necessary conditions are needed for large-scale high-precision screw machining technology, namely, the confirmation of each part of pressure, the confirmation of helix angle and the cutting of cutting tool radius. They are the basic structure of spiral bevel gear. Pay attention to the installation position in the angle of cutter plate radius. The installation of cutter plate is mainly based on the rotation of cutter body, and the oblique line is the side view. The movement of cutter is also an important part. It is a technical method of parallel device with eccentric drum as the core, and pay special attention to the position of cutter. This is based on the sector rotary table and the moving part box as the carrier. The processing is carried out according to the axis direction. The position adjustment of the cutter head is also very important. Each cutting surface has a balanced section. The position of the section point is the center of the machine carrying the processing spiral bevel gear. The manufacturer shall move along the axis of the implantation seat and install the sector on the roller in an overall shape, The installation standard shall be implemented under the condition of adjusting the angle of bell gear according to certain parameters, which are mainly obtained by mechanical spiral bevel gear on the milling machine. We use the designed spiral bevel gear device to simulate and display the position of all spiral bevel gears in the vertical state.

Arc surface contour machining technology is the most widely used machining method at present. It has strong applicability, the maximum diameter is 1800mm, and can realize automatic adjustment and open design. According to this technology, the spiral bevel gear is divided into three shafts, all of which are parallel to the sliding of the lever. The spiral bevel gear of the arc wheel is divided into the main shaft and auxiliary shaft. The main shaft is set in rotary mode, and the automatic balancing device is set on the rotor to ensure the fixed position and comprehensive utilization during the continuous operation of the lathe. The installation and design drawing of the auxiliary shaft are very clever, and the designer takes the installation node as the center, The position that is easy to slide is set as the coordinate system, and the friction wheel is set on the node. This process treatment method can ensure that the spiral bevel gear often maintains balance during operation and does not damage the parts. We use automatic control for orderly distribution, pay attention to the degree of processing, and use the digital control system to compile the program to complete the effective use of the driver.

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