Material of driven spiral bevel gear

The metal material used in the blank simulation of driven spiral bevel gear is low carbon steel 20CrMnTi. The chemical composition (specific gravity) of 20CrMnTi is listed in Table 1.

ElementSpecific gravity (%)
Carbon C0.17~0.23
Silicon Si0.17~0.37
Manganese Mn0.80~1.10
Titanium Ti0.04~0.10
Nickel, Ni; Copper Cu (allowable residual content)0.030
Phosphorus P; Sulfur s (maximum allowable residual content)0.035

Since there is no material corresponding to 20CrMnTi in DEFORM software, it is necessary to develop the material database of DEFORM software and embed the thermophysical parameters of materials into DEFORM software. The addition of material thermophysical parameters mainly includes the addition of flow stress-strain data and physical property parameters. For the flow stress-strain data reference of 20CrMnTi, the stress-strain curve data can be obtained by using engauge digitizer graphics digitization software. The physical property parameters of the material are shown in Table 2.

Poisson’s ratioDensity (kg / m3)Modulus of elasticity (GPa)Thermal conductivity (1 / ℃)Yield strength (MPa)Ultimate strength (MPa)

At the same time, the die materials used are 4Cr5MoSiV1, which corresponds to aisi-h-13 in DEFORM software, and its heat treatment process is the conventional heat treatment process of 4Cr5MoSiV1 for manufacturing hot forging dies. The die steel has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, mainly high hardenability and hot crack resistance, high toughness and wear resistance, good heat resistance and tempering stability, and good strength and hardness at high temperature.

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