Material selection and technical requirements of spiral bevel gear

At present, the materials for spiral bevel gear are 20CrMnTi, 22CrMoH, etc. They are widely used in high-speed, medium or heavy-duty, impact load and friction important parts, and the material cost is relatively low,

The design accuracy of spiral bevel gear is generally based on the gear line speed to determine the working stability accuracy level, and then select the movement accuracy level, contact accuracy level and backlash accuracy level according to the standard. The accuracy grade of spiral bevel gear of medium truck is generally 8-7-7. In CA1092 truck drive axle, the accuracy of driving and driven spiral bevel gear wheel is 8-7-7d. The following figure is the part drawing of the driving spiral bevel gear shaft.

Analysis of technical requirements: the spiral bevel gear will be deformed after carburizing and quenching, among which the tooth deformation can be corrected by grinding or grinding, and the transmission noise of spiral bevel gear can be significantly reduced. This method has been used in car production. In order to make up for the loss of accuracy caused by heat treatment, the accuracy of tooth profile of medium-sized trucks is usually improved.

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