Meshing simulation of spiral bevel gear

In order to verify the accuracy of machining parameter calculation, the ease off difference tooth surface is constructed for contact simulation. The results are shown in the figure. Ease off is a quadratic convex surface, which reflects the local conjugate characteristics of spiral bevel gear tooth surface contact, and the difference between the two ends of spiral bevel gear tooth surface is 0.04 ~ 0.05 mm. Through the analysis of ease off surface, the size, shape and orientation of contact area, contact path direction and out of cut transmission error (TE) are obtained, as shown in the figure.

(a) Frontage
(b) Reverse

The tooth surface contact area of spiral bevel gear is obtained by projecting the contour line of ZD = 0.006 35 mm on the plane, which is oval (as shown in the figure), and the values of a and B of the long and short axes of the ellipse.

The tangential angle (q) is calculated by the formula, λ) The normal section, i.e. te curve, can be obtained on the ease off surface, and its value is determined by the KS of the formula. The projection of te curve on the plane, that is, the contact path on the tooth surface of spiral bevel gear (as shown in the figure).

The contact parameters (a, B, λ, KS) comparison results with preset values of parameters. The two are basically close, and some errors are caused by numerical solution and ease off surface topology error. Mean error (MZ) and standard deviation of ease off surface topology( σ z) It can meet the requirements of main control design and meshing simulation of spiral bevel gear.

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