Test method of helical gear shape parameters and evaluation index of wear resistance

1. Test method

The error value of main parameters of helical gear is measured by helical gear precision detector. Fix the gear to be tested on the spiral gear detector, select the corresponding drawing number of the spiral gear, and the numerical control device will automatically move the pointer probe to the tooth surface position of the spiral gear, and select the parameters to be tested, such as circumferential pitch cumulative error, tooth thickness error, tooth direction error, tooth shape error, etc. Tooth profile error is the distance that the pointer moves from the tooth root to the tooth top, that is, the axial error value of the tooth surface, which should be a fixed value in theory; The tooth direction error is the detection in the width direction of the tooth, that is, the radial error value of the tooth surface. In order to grasp the geometric morphology of the helical gear as a whole, the pinion is measured with 3 teeth, and the base circle of all tooth surfaces of the large gear is measured with full teeth.

2. Wear resistance evaluation index

After the wear test of helical gear, the tooth profile error and tooth direction error of helical gear will change in varying degrees. The wear resistance is characterized by the error value before and after the test. If the error value after the test changes less than that before the test, the wear amount and wear rate are relatively small and the wear resistance is better; If the error value increases significantly after the test, the wear and wear rate are relatively large and the wear resistance is poor.

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