Modal analysis of helical gears

In short, modal analysis of Modalanylasis helical gear is a method to describe the structure according to the inherent characteristics of the physical structure. The structural characteristics mainly include modal shape, damping and frequency. The process of describing the structure is described by the upper dynamic attributes. The meaning of modal analysis is explained by the vibration mode of the plate.

Firstly, the theoretical knowledge of modal analysis is introduced, and then the established helical gear model is imported into ANSYS software. The free modal analysis of the helical gear assembly is carried out, and the first 20 natural frequencies of the helical gear assembly are obtained. At the same time, the cloud map of the main vibration mode of the helical gear assembly is obtained. The results of the natural frequency of the helical gear assembly can be used as a reference in the design of the helical gear box to avoid the resonance phenomenon of the helical gear transmission mechanism.

At the same time, the vibration mode diagrams of helical gears at different orders are analyzed. According to the deformation distribution table of helical gears under the 20th order mode, we can clearly judge the dangerous frequency of helical gears, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of system faults, and provide a theoretical basis for the design of helical gear transmission mechanism.

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