Ingenious setting of helical gear boundary conditions and calculation of partial order

(1) Set contact pairs

For the convenience of analysis and calculation, the helical gear profile is selected through the namedselection setting, in which the profile of helical gear I is the contact surface Ca, and the outer profile of helical gear 2 is the target surface TA, as shown in blue and red in Figure 1 respectively, in which the contact type is set as frictionless contact.

(2) Define helical gear pair

Right click “connections” and select insertjoint. The “connection details” setting panel will appear in the details window. Set “connectiontype” to “body ground”, the “connection type” to “revolve”, and select the inner hole surface of helical gear 1. The defined helical gear rotating pair is shown in Figure 3-8. This comparison shows that the helical gear has only rotational freedom and can only rotate around the Z axis. Similarly, the rotating pair of another helical gear is defined.