Modeling and analysis of spur gear

This section will introduce the method of parametric creation of spur gears. The process of parametric creation of gears is relatively complex, in which many parameters and relations related to gears are used.

Modeling analysis of spur gear :

(1) Create the basic circle of the gear

This step uses the method of sketching curve to create the basic circle of gear, including top circle, base circle, index circle and root circle. And the size of the circle is controlled by the preset parameters.

(2) Create an involute

The first section of this chapter analyzes the knowledge of involute equation.

(3) Image involute

First, create a plane for mirroring, and then use the plane to mirror the involute created in step 2, and use the relationship to control the angle of the mirror plane.

(4) Stretch to form solid

Extrude creates a solid body, including the root circle solid of the gear and a tooth shape solid of the gear. This step is a key step in creating gears.

(5) Arrayed gear

Array the teeth created in the previous step to complete the basic profile of the gear. This step also needs to add a relationship to control the generation of gears.

(6) Create additional features

The features of the middle hole, keyway and small hole of the gear are created, and the relevant dimensions are controlled by parameters and relations.