Modeling of modified cylindrical gear based on Pro / E and ANSYS

Cylindrical gear transmission is widely used in mechanical equipment. It has the advantages of stable transmission, small volume and strong bearing capacity. Compared with the standard cylindrical gear transmission, the modified cylindrical gear transmission, especially the positive transmission, can not only avoid the undercutting of the cylindrical gear and reduce the size and weight of the cylindrical gear mechanism, but also improve the tooth root anti bending and tooth surface anti pitting safety factor of the cylindrical gear, and effectively improve the bearing capacity of the cylindrical gear transmission. Therefore, the modified cylindrical gear is widely used in mechanical equipment.

However, compared with the standard cylindrical gear, the design and calculation of the modified cylindrical gear transmission are relatively complex. Many documents have a lot of discussion on the modeling and analysis of the standard cylindrical gear, but there is relatively little research on the modified cylindrical gear. Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze the three-dimensional modeling and bearing capacity of the modified cylindrical gear.

The parametric modeling method of modified cylindrical gear based on Pro / E is introduced. The key to the modeling of modified cylindrical gear is to determine the center angle. Then the three-dimensional model of cylindrical gear pair is imported into ANSYS, which can be used for the finite element simulation of cylindrical gear transmission. The changes of tooth surface contact stress and tooth root bending stress under different displacement coefficients are analyzed. This method can be used in the modeling and Simulation of general cylindrical gear transmission, and provides a reference method for the design of cylindrical gear transmission.

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