Modification of open bevel gear lubrication and protection components of open disc feeder

The big gear 12 and the small gear 11 with open fit are running naked in operation. In addition, due to the small working speed of the big gear and the small gear, which are 11.86 and 23.72 R / min respectively, the gear set is lubricated with grease. The following problems exist in the lubrication of the gear set:

(1) At least 3 times a week, the lubrication cycle is too short;

(2) Each lubrication can only be done by hand, which will endanger the personal safety of the operator;

(3) There is no retention measures for the grease, and the grease on the rich part of the gear and pinion will form a lot of thread with the passage of time, and eventually fall off the ground, which not only causes waste, but also pollutes the environment.

After careful observation and in-depth study, the solution is preliminarily established: add a grease groove for the small gear, so that the tooth line at the bottom of the small gear is always soaked in the grease. In this way, the small gear can not only complete self-lubricating, but also carry the grease to the big gear through meshing movement, so as to solve the problem of automatic lubrication of the gear set; add 1 grease groove under the big gear The small opening under the oil groove is located above the lubricating grease groove, so that the rich grease falling from the big gear is collected by the oil receiving groove and flows back to the lubricating grease groove to solve the problem of backflow of the rich grease on the big gear; the lubricating grease groove encloses the small gear, and the oil receiving groove encloses the big gear, so as to solve the safety protection problem of the gear set.

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