NGW type involute planetary gear drive

Involute planetary gear reducer is a kind of gear transmission with at least one gear moving around a fixed geometric axis in a circle. This kind of transmission usually uses internal mesh and several planetary gears to transmit load at the same time, so as to separate the power. The involute planetary gear transmission has the following advantages: large transmission ratio, compact structure, small volume and mass, high efficiency, low noise and smooth operation, etc., so it is widely used in hoisting, metallurgy, engineering machinery, transportation, aviation, machine tools, electrical machinery, national defense industry and other sectors as a gear transmission device for deceleration, speed change or growth.

There are many types of planetary gear transmission used in the involute planetary gear reducer, which can be divided into: NGW, NW, NN, NGWN, Zu flying vgw, W.W, etc. according to the meshing mode of the gears in the transmission mechanism. The letters indicate: N-internal meshing, w-external meshing, g-internal and external meshing common planetary gear, Zu bevel gear.

The main characteristics of NGW type planetary gear transmission mechanism are as follows:

Light weight and small volume. Under the same conditions, the weight and volume of the gear reducer are 1 / 2-1 / 3 lighter than those of the involute cylindrical gear reducer with hard tooth surface;

High transmission efficiency;

The transmission power range is large, from less than 1 kW to tens of thousands of kW, and the larger the power, the more prominent the advantages, the higher the economic benefits;

Various assembly types, wide applicability, stable operation and low noise;

The outer gear is of grade 6 precision, the inner gear is of Grade 7 precision, and its service life is generally more than ten years.

Therefore, the NGW type involute planetary gear transmission has become a kind of planetary gear transmission with the most application and the largest transmission power.

The transmission principle of NGW type planetary gear transmission mechanism: when the high-speed shaft is driven by the motor, it drives the sun wheel to rotate, and then drives the planet wheel to rotate. Because the inner ring gear is fixed, it drives the planet carrier to make output motion, and the planet wheel makes both rotation and revolution on the planet carrier. With the same structure, it forms two-stage, three-stage or multi-stage transmission. NGW type planetary gear transmission mechanism is mainly composed of sun gear, planetary gear, inner ring gear and planet carrier, named after the basic components, also known as ZK-H type planetary gear transmission mechanism.

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