Numerical simulation of final forging process of spiral bevel gear

The final forging process ultimately determines the quality of forgings, so it is very important to optimize the final forging process. At present, the forging process of spiral bevel gear is faced with problems such as low material utilization, insufficient filling of tooth corners, large forming load and so on. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to study and optimize the forging process from many aspects. Firstly, through the numerical simulation of the forging process, the material flow law, the distribution of stress-strain field, the change of forming load and the filling effect of cavity in the forging process are observed, so as to judge whether the design of forging process is reasonable or not; In view of the influence of die elastic deformation on the accuracy of spiral bevel gear in the forging process, an intuitive numerical model can be established by studying the elastic deformation law of die tooth profile, so as to provide a reference basis for the design of forging die tooth profile; Aiming at the problems of large forging load and uneven stress distribution, the shape and size scheme of prefabrication can be designed according to the die cavity structure and material flow law, and the best shape and size of prefabrication can be obtained through the response surface optimization algorithm.

Based on the established numerical simulation and optimization method of gear blank rolling, this chapter carries out finite element simulation with the help of DEFORM software, studies the distribution and evolution law of important physical fields in the final forging process, and verifies the feasibility of the process; The law of uneven elastic deformation on die tooth profile during final forging is studied; Through the response surface optimization method, a section shape of forging blank is designed. The blank with this scheme can significantly reduce the equivalent stress and forming load of final forging.

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