Numerical simulation scheme of induction heating of bevel gear

In the process route of gear processing, generally after gear finishing, the surface induction quenching is required to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance and other properties. In this paper, the dual frequency induction quenching process of bevel gear is explored, and the induction heating process is simulated and analyzed by using the finite element software ANSYS.

There are many factors affecting the surface induction quenching quality of bevel gear. This paper mainly explores the induction heating process. With the development of numerical calculation technology, it is very convenient to use finite element technology to simulate the induction heating process of bevel gear. The high-precision bevel gear numerical model is established by using the finite element software ANSYS, and the induction coil is designed and optimized according to the bevel gear structure, so as to explore the implementation of dual frequency induction heating process in ANSYS software. The effects of electrical parameters such as medium and high frequency current output time ratio, frequency ratio and current density ratio on the temperature field model are analyzed from the perspective of the uniformity of temperature field in the direction of tooth profile and tooth width.

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