Simulation model of electromagnetic induction heating of bevel gear

The simulation model of electromagnetic induction heating of bevel gear includes bevel gear, induction coil and air. The numerical simulation process includes temperature field calculation and electromagnetic field calculation. When calculating the temperature field, only the bevel gear is involved, and the induction coil is not involved in the calculation. Therefore, only the material parameters of the bevel gear need to be set. When solving the electromagnetic field, the relative permeability of the induction coil and air is set to 1. For the bevel gear, the material used is 45 steel. In order to fully consider the influence of temperature on the material parameters of the bevel gear, it is necessary to define its parameters related to temperature.

Chemical compositionCSiMnCrNiCu
Mass percentage0.42-0.500.17-0.370.50-0.80≤0.25≤0.30≤0.25

The chemical composition and material parameters of 45 steel are obtained by consulting relevant literature, as shown in Table 1.

Because the induction heating efficiency is closely related to the material parameters in the induction heating process, in order to facilitate the subsequent analysis, the material parameter values of the bevel gear are drawn into a curve, as shown in the figure. In the calculation of electromagnetic field and temperature field, the influence of material composition difference on material properties is ignored.

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