Oil trapping and meshing process of gear micropump

The trapping process and meshing process of the gear micropump are completely consistent with those of the commonly used gear pumps, as shown in Fig. 1, where.., □, ○ or n denote the positions of the meshing point, the backlash point and the end point of the theoretical meshing line; O1, O2 are the main and secondary gear centers; Figures 1a to 1D respectively show the transmission position when (n) is the vertex of O1 tooth, □ (c) is the node, (n ‘) is the vertex of O2 gear and. (n ″) is the vertex of O1 tooth. Figures 1a-1d and 1a-1c respectively describe the meshing process and oil trapping process. If the length of × (n). (n) is s, s corresponding to Fig. 1a-1d is S1-S4; the trapped oil volume, volume change rate and trapped oil pressure are V, DV, P, respectively


L — length of meshing line

Re, Rb — radius of top and base circle

Pb — basal node

α’ — angle of engagement

BG, Hg — the width and height of the rectangular enclosed area in the center of the double rectangular unloading groove

R ‘, RF — radius of pitch circle and root circle of gear

Velocity – ω

B — tooth width

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