Operation monitoring of wind power gearbox

The performance of the wind power system depends to a certain extent on the operation of the wind power gearbox. Therefore, through the operation monitoring of the wind power gearbox, the current operation state of the gearbox is forecasted, and the gear box is maintained in time to ensure the stability of the gearbox.

Through portable instruments, on-line monitoring system, sensors and so on, the data of the gear box can be obtained. However, the monitoring work of the gear box needs to be analyzed according to the data, and for some special requirements, personalized design is also required.

For example, it is necessary to carry out dynamic analysis of gear box and combine dynamics to understand the vibration of gear box system.Second, it is necessary to understand the inherent vibration characteristics of the gearbox so that a precise analysis can be made with the complete data.

In actual work, it is necessary to provide alarm when the gear box runs abnormally to ensure the effect of monitoring work and control the gear box in time to avoid damage.

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