Optimization of mechanical gear design

Because the mechanical operation is mostly heavy load, medium and low speed transmission, most of them start frequently and often bear impact load, so it is necessary to carry out industrial test on the existing mechanical equipment. Considering the bearing and gear bearing pressure and load. In mining production, the working speed is generally low, the transmission power is large and the environmental dust content is high. Enough design strength must be ensured in design.

Under the normal working condition of mechanical gear, the contact stress generated during the meshing between teeth is often much larger than that of ordinary gear, and the hardness of the gear does not meet the requirements, so cracks appear in the working state.

Considering the above situation, according to the working conditions of mechanical equipment, it is necessary to select the materials that meet the strength requirements of gear, and optimize the heat treatment process and surface strengthening process, so as to ensure that the gear has enough strength and hardness. Then, according to the environment of the mechanical gear, the shape and size of the gear are designed reasonably. Because the mechanical gears are mostly low-speed and heavy-duty gears with high contact stress, the local elasticity of the contact surface can not be ignored, and the lubrication parameters need to be calculated according to the relevant laws and theoretical calculation.

The installation of mechanical gear is also one of the important reasons that affect the normal operation and service life of mechanical equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the installation quality, it is necessary to optimize the flatness, meshing clearance, center moment, parallelism, bearing installation and contact area of the gear shaft centerline.