Optimization software for static performance model of involute spur gear

ISIGHT software is a multi-disciplinary optimization software which integrates industrial optimization design and automatic analysis and calculation, which is introduced by Yiqing software company of the United States in recent years. It can realize process automation, optimization and integration based on simulation design, and realize hierarchical and nested task organization management. Its file parsing mechanism can automate the process of manual adjustment of parameters based on Simulation in the form of “script language + API customization + secondary development of mdol language”. The designer is only responsible for monitoring and post-processing, thus shortening the optimization time. It has a variety of optimization algorithms, experimental design technology, approximate model and quality engineering methods, which can effectively explore the design space.

By quickly inheriting and coupling various simulation software, iSIGHT organizes all design processes into a unified, organic and logical framework, automatically runs the simulation software, and automatically restarts the design process, so as to eliminate the “bottleneck” in the traditional design process and make the whole design process fully digital and automatic. The integration process mainly includes the following four steps:

1) Process integration: integration of one or more simulation software;

2) Problem definition: define design variables, constraints, objective functions;

3) Design Automation: select the optimal design scheme;

4) Data analysis and visualization: real time monitoring design engineering.

The dynamic performance optimization platform and the static performance optimization platform of the gear transmission system are built by using software and integrated program.

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