Working Dimension Analysis of Helical Bevel Gear Fixture

Fixture positioning and fixture fixture fixture fixture is very important in the process of parts machining. If positioning is not accurate or vibration occurs during processing, the accuracy of parts in the process will be affected.And with the final completion, the workpiece deviates from the original size requirements and can not meet the design requirements. Therefore, reasonable clamping is required to ensure the stability and quality of the processing.Simple clamping or disassembly is necessary.

The design of fixture mainly includes fixture positioning scheme, clamping scheme and machining accuracy.

This fixture has its own advantages, simple structure and easy operation.Has accurate positioning.Main technical requirements for helical bevel gears:

The roundness tolerance of 1-axis 65 and shaft 50 is 0.06.

2 The verticality of the adjacent axes is at 0.05.

As the part material is 20GrMnTi alloy steel, the shape is regular.The precision level is IT11.

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