Parameter optimization of automotive rack and pinion steering gear

Complete the parametric design analysis and research of automobile rack and pinion steering gear based on CATIA. In the implementation process, the main work is as follows:

(1) Understand the structure and working principle of automobile steering system and rack and pinion steering gear, and analyze the structure of the main parts of rack and pinion steering gear.

(2) Understand the ideas, methods and processes of parametric modeling and design of parts, discuss the key technologies in the development of parametric model base based on CATIA software platform, and analyze the implementation methods, characteristics and database building principles of parametric model base.

(3) According to the structural characteristics of automotive rack and pinion steering gear parts, the control parameters of parts are extracted, the parameterization of relevant steering gear parts is completed, and the parameterized solid model of steering gear parts is constructed. Extract the solid model of the parts and complete the steering gear model through virtual assembly.

(4) The interactive interface is created by using Visual Basic development platform, and the link between CATIA software and VB program is studied. Input the external steering gear parameters to realize the reconstruction of steering gear model.

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