Parameters of spiral bevel gear big wheel machine tool

The process pitch cone node of the spiral bevel gear coincides with the design pitch cone node, the pitch cone bus of the large and small wheels passing through the meshing point also coincides, and the spiral angle of the process pitch cone is equal, which is equal to the nominal spiral angle cutter β of the spiral bevel gear:

The root cone pressure angle of the spiral bevel gear is:

The cutter head tooth angle of the machining wheel is selected according to the formula. For the pressure angle A20 °, the tooth profile angle of the inner cutter is 22 °and the tooth angle of the outer cutter is-18 °.

The large wheel of the spiral bevel gear is machined by the plane production wheel, the position of the big wheel and the production wheel is shown in the figure, the pitch taper distance of the production wheel is R02, there are:

The position relationship between the big wheel and its shaped wheel and cutter head can be obtained.

Make M.D. For the installation distance of the wheel, that is, the distance from the design intersection of the wheel to the installation surface of the wheel. The machine tool adjustment parameters can be obtained:

The rotation center of the production wheel of the large wheel is:

Initial position of cutter head axis:

Suppose that the initial time is t 0 ~ 0, the velocity of t-cutter head axis along y 0 ~ Z 0 in the plane (O0lyy _ 0 ~ Z0) at any time is v 2 ~ v1, the angular velocity of the shaped wheel is ω 02, and the angular velocity of the big wheel is ω g2.

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