Part of the Process Analysis of Shaft Gear

The following passage will intuoduce part of the process analysis of shaft gear.

Technical Requirements of shaft gear.

The inner circle of shaft and circle jumping of outer circle is not more than 0.03

Workblank will be switched to heat treatment, and improve the mechanical properties

Tooth surface will in the process of quenching treatment hardness is HRC45-48.T

shaft gearProcessing Technology of shaft gear.

The technical requirements of the components is not high,can process through turning-lathe, boring lathe, milling machine and slotting machine , accuracy requirement is class7 or class8,the ratio of surface roughness,and requirements of the surface roughness is not high,because of volume-produce,can use the lathe processing

Confirm of Workblank

According to stress analysis in the shaft gear, it is reverse – bend composite force, due to its medium under the load , works more smooth, the impact is very small, so can adopt 45 # steel high quality steel, billet with hot rolling round steel. In order to improve the organization, improve mechanical properties, billet should pass hot processing.

Standard Choice of Component

When choose standard ,can use excircle to process,use uniform principles of Standard while boring.