Helical Gear and Characteristics

The following passage will introduce helical gear and characteristics.

Consisting of two matching helical gears which are skew,called crossed helical involute gears.

Helical gearPass Contact of two reference circles draw common tangent plane of indexing cylinder ,two rounds of axis in the plane projection of angle is called shaft angle {33}when two rounds at the same time ,the direction of the spiral angle of 1 and 2;when the opposite direction from the spiral angle of the two rounds,[33]=[1]-]2],pairing helical gear driving ,the method of module must be equal ; such as spiral angle is not equal ,their transverse module is not equal,and parallel to the axis of cylindrical gear transmission ,the transmission ratio is equal to two rounds of the inverse ratio of number of teeth.because of the sliding velocity between the tooth often be large , transmission efficiency is low, two teeth surfaces are point contact, the contact stress is larger,so the bearing capacity is poor.

Characteristics of helical gear:

-Space-saving , durable, high over-loaded ability;

-Lower maintenance cost,superior performance;

-Small vibration,low noise,high-efficiency and energy-saving.

The passage above talks about helical gear and characteristics.