Performance and application of spiral bevel gear

Gear mechanism is one of the most widely used transmission mechanisms in various mechanical mechanisms. It relies on the direct contact of tooth profile to transmit torque and power between any two shafts in space. It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, long service life and reliable operation. Spiral bevel gear belongs to gear mechanism and is a kind of curved bevel gear, Conventionally, it is also called spiral bevel gear or spiral bevel gear, which is mainly used in intersecting shaft transmission.

Compared with most gear units, spiral bevel gears have the following advantages:

1 increased contact ratio

The spiral surface design of spiral bevel gear increases the coincidence degree: the tooth line of spiral bevel gear is curved, and at least two or more teeth contact at the same time in the transmission process, that is, multiple pairs of teeth mesh at the same time, so it has higher coincidence degree, reduces the impact and vibration in the transmission process, reduces the noise, and enables it to work under high-speed working conditions, The advantages of spiral bevel gears are also shown in the following aspects:

  1. Increase of service life

The helical angle of the tooth surface of spiral bevel gear increases its overlap coefficient, reduces the load specific pressure, reduces and uniform wear, which correspondingly increases the overall load capacity of the gear and increases the service life of the gear.

3 large transmission ratio

The number of small teeth of spiral bevel gear can be as few as 6 and the number of large teeth can be greater than 40, which can achieve large transmission ratio and obtain high reduction ratio.

4 able to grind teeth

The gear grinding machine can be used to finish the spiral bevel gear to achieve high precision. After gear grinding, the contact area can be improved, the tooth surface finish can be improved, and the working noise can be significantly reduced.

Spiral bevel gear has been widely used because of its advantages. It is mainly used in mechanical engineering fields such as petroleum, mining, machine tools, coal mining machinery, motor vehicles, trains, ships, aviation helicopters and so on.

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