Precise measurement of large gears

Based on the large wheel processing equipment (large gear hobbing machine), the precision measurement of large gears is studied. The general guiding ideology can be summarized as follows:

(1) Use advanced mechatronics technology as much as possible

With the wide application of computer and the cross development of grating technology, laser and electronic technology, the maturity and improvement of measurement technology are promoted. For example, in tooth profile measurement, mechanical generation method has been replaced by electronic generation method. The latter will play an important role in overcoming the inertia problem in large gear measurement and improving the measurement efficiency. Therefore, the adoption of mechatronics technology should be given priority.

(2) Make maximum use of the functions and resources of existing processing equipment

The large precision hobbing machine company provides support carrier for the tested gear and additional devices, provides rotary motion and linear motion necessary for measurement, and provides convenience for measurement adjustment and alignment. Of course, there is still a certain gap between the precision of precision hobbing machine and the precision of lik instrument. How to “develop strengths and avoid weaknesses” is very important. In other words, the valuable resources provided by precision hobbing machine should be used as much as possible. For the key components affecting the measurement accuracy, additional devices shall be used, and if necessary, accuracy compensation measures shall be taken for the original error (guide rail, transmission chain and other errors) of the precision hobbing machine.

(3) The technical route of “reinforcing rigidity with flexibility”

Improving the software function of the measuring instrument and simplifying the hardware function of the instrument, “using flexibility to supplement rigidity” and “combining flexibility with rigidity” are important means to improve the measurement accuracy and reduce the cost of the instrument, and have become the development trend of precision measuring instruments. For the large-scale gear on-machine measurement system, the mechanical structure of the original machine tool and additional devices belongs to mechanical hardware, the control and sampling circuit of the system is electrical hardware, and the control, sampling, data processing and other programs of the system constitute the software of the system. Taking the mechanical hardware as an example, the accuracy of the original machine tool can not be improved, and the mechanical accuracy of the additional measuring device can not be improved indefinitely. If the error compensation technology is used, the influence of the error of the mechanical device on the measurement accuracy can be reduced to a great extent through the software

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