Precision forging of driven spiral bevel gear

The spiral bevel gear formed by precision forging has the advantages of reasonable streamline distribution, less material waste and high forming quality. At present, forging technology has attracted more and more attention in the manufacturing of spiral bevel gears, but there are still some problems to be solved, which limits the popularization and application of this technology.

(1) At present, for blank preform, neither process design nor blank design has realized intelligence, which is mainly designed through the combination of theory, experience and numerical simulation. When applied to different parts, it will increase the time and cost of process design. The development of intelligent process and shape optimization design system provides general intelligent products for the forging process research of various parts, which is of great significance to the development of forging technology.

(2) At present, the research on the elastic deformation of spiral bevel gear forging die is mostly a single finite element numerical simulation, and there is a lack of intelligent design system integrating die elastic deformation, springback and tooth die modification. The intelligent design system based on the coupling analysis of die elastic deformation, springback and tooth profile modification theory will provide important help for the design of precision forging die for spiral bevel gear.

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