Precision forging of helical gears

The design, research, processing and production of gears at home and abroad have a history of many years and have achieved fruitful results. With the rapid development of all kinds of gear industry and the rapid development of science and technology. As an important transmission component of the main reducer of the automobile rear axle, the helical gear bears a large load and plays an important role in the transmission process. With the increasing market demand, how to improve the quality of the helical gear, reduce the processing cost and increase the processing efficiency has become the research direction of the whole automobile industry. However, at present, the production of helical gears at home and abroad mostly adopts the method of pre forging followed by machining to process the tooth shape. Most of these methods are mainly cutting, with low processing efficiency and low material utilization, and various deficiencies are becoming increasingly prominent.

As an advanced manufacturing process, the precision forging process of helical gear has its outstanding characteristics. The tooth shape part of helical gear can be directly formed by precision forging, and its dimensional accuracy and quality can be guaranteed. Helical gear can be used in practice without or with a little precision machining, so this process realizes the near net shape of helical gear machining. During the processing and production of helical gear precision forging process, in the plastic forming process, the blank is in the three-dimensional compressive stress state, that is, the hydrostatic stress state. At this time, the plasticity of the material is greatly improved. Therefore, the precision forging forming process of helical gear can make the forging metal fiber continuously and evenly distributed along the tooth shape of helical gear through plastic processing, and refine the grain, so as to improve the internal structure and reduce micro defects, Improve the strength and wear resistance of helical gear and prolong the service life of helical gear. The processing efficiency of precision forging is much higher than that of traditional machining, and it saves more materials, so this process can greatly improve the production efficiency and material utilization. Therefore, the precision forging process of helical gear is a new helical gear processing technology with material saving, energy saving and high production efficiency. For the mass-produced automotive rear axle driven helical gear, the market potential is huge.

With the rapid development of finite element numerical simulation technology of metal plastic forming process, the application of this method can shorten the R & D cycle of helical gear precision forging process, save experimental funds, obtain the optimal process scheme conveniently and quickly, guide practical production, and provide theoretical guidance and technical support for the research and promotion of helical gear precision forging process.

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