Double split precision forging test equipment for helical gears

The figure shows the universal material testing machine selected for experimental research. The maximum test load of the helical gear double split precision forging testing machine is 300KN. For example, the table shows the basic technical parameters of the universal material testing machine. The equipment has the functions of superposition, analysis, processing, storage, printing, drawing curve and so on.

The power transmitted by the servo motor drives the beam to move up and down to realize the loading process of helical gear double split precision forging test. It has accurate loading speed and force measuring range, and has higher accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, deformation and displacement. It can also carry out the automatic control test of constant speed loading, constant speed deformation and constant speed displacement.

Parameter nameNumerical valueParameter nameNumerical value
Capacity selection300KN(30T)Maximum stroke1000mm
Force measuring range0.2%—100%F.SControl systemAC servo controller
Unit selectiongf、Kgf、N、KN、LBPatent systemThe whole process of the test is controlled by wireless remote control and microcomputer Bluetooth
Induction modeImported high precision sensorSafety deviceAutomatic diagnosis, timing measurement and overload protection
Load accuracyPlus or minus 0.01%Data displayProfessional operation software of material testing machine
Speed range0.1—200mm/minAccuracy classGrade 0.5
Speed accuracy1%Supporting deviceLenovo computer, canon printer
Deformation accuracy0.5%Power supply power220V、50HZ
Displacement accuracyPlus or minus 0.5%Host size7100X1200X2800mm(WXDXH)
Resolving power1/300000Net weight of main engineAbout 1800kg
Test width450mm

Its various advantages can accurately provide the test results of helical gear double split precision forging, facilitate the extraction of travel load curve in the process of helical gear double split precision forging test, help to compare and analyze with the numerical simulation results, and verify the accuracy of the numerical simulation results.

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