Precision forging process of spur bevel gear and helical bevel gear

As an advanced processing method, precision forging has been widely used in the processing and manufacturing of spur bevel gear and helical bevel gear. Ling Wenkai et al. Proposed a new cold precision forging process: open and close composite cold precision forging. The numerical simulation of several process schemes is carried out by using deform finite element simulation software. Through analysis, it is proved that the open-close composite cold precision forging method takes into account the advantages of the traditional forming scheme and makes up for the corresponding shortcomings.

Fuentes Alfonso et al. Put forward a method of computer programming to design precision forged spur and helical bevel gears. By simulating the transmission process of gears, the shape of gears is modified, and then precision forging is carried out after optimizing the shape of gears to improve the quality of gears. Saman khalilpourazary et al. Used volume forming finite element analysis and CAD / CAE to numerically simulate the hot precision forging process of spur bevel gear, obtained the forming force required in the forging process, determined the final shape of the gear through numerical estimation, and compared the simulation results with the experimental data; Finally, the mold is made; This method can effectively optimize the forging process, maximize the forging quality, reduce material waste and reduce the total manufacturing cost.

In recent years, precision forging has been applied to the manufacture of spur bevel gears. Precision forging dies are usually manufactured by electrode machining. However, the difficulty of this method lies in the use of EDM. Kawasaki K and others directly design and manufacture the precision forging die of spur bevel gear by using the grinding method, so as to improve the gear production efficiency and reduce the cost. Wang MH et al. Improved the forming quality of half shaft gear by analyzing and optimizing the factors affecting the forming quality, selected the closed warm forging process to process the half shaft gear, and put forward the development direction of new die using double acting hydraulic press. The forming process is numerically simulated by finite element method, and the main influencing factors of forging quality in precision forging process are analyzed.

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