Precision forming technology of bevel gear by cold rotary forging and cad-capp

Based on the systematic theoretical and Experimental Research on the precision forming process of bevel gear cold rotary forging, the CAPP of bevel gear cold rotary forging process and the CAD design system gearcapp of die are developed.

1.The cold rotary forging process of bevel gear is systematically studied, the physical and mechanical essence of the process is analyzed, and the calculation method and determination principle of process parameters of bevel gear cold rotary forging are established, which provides a theoretical basis for the calculation and selection of process parameters of gearcapp system.

2.The first mock exam is conducted to analyze the factors affecting the accuracy of the bevel gear in the process. The geometric dimension accuracy transfer rule between the gear and the die is determined. The numerical relationship between the size and accuracy of the bevel gear is provided for the CAD geometry model of the GearCAPP gear system, which is used to generate bevel gear parts, forgings, electrodes and dies.

3.Based on Pro / E platform, the bevel gear cold rotary forging precision forming process CAPP and die CAD design system gearcapp have powerful parametric design function and can easily generate the corresponding three-dimensional CAD model. This can be used not only to guide the actual production, but also to prepare for the subsequent development of cam NC machining code.

4.Gearcapp system has a friendly user interface. Its CAPP function of bevel gear cold rotary forging precision forming process can calculate and select various technical parameters required by the process according to the user’s specific requirements for bevel gear. This provides more complete process guidance for users to select equipment, set equipment operation parameters, blank preparation, electrode processing, etc.

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