Preform technology in forging process of spiral bevel gear

In order to study the preform process in the forging process of spiral bevel gear, the thermal mechanical coupling finite element model of ring radial rolling is established on the deform platform, and the distribution and variation laws of stress, strain and temperature during ring rolling are analyzed, The influencing factors of spread deformation are studied, and the influence laws of relevant parameters are found out by designing control experiments. The conclusions are as follows: the control test shows that the feed speed, rotating speed and roll size have an impact on the spread phenomenon in the ring dairy process. Changing the values of these factors will change not only the amount of axial flow of materials, but also the degree of unevenness of the end face of the ring.

(1) The process scheme of “blanking upsetting, punching compound rolling preform final forging” is put forward. Upsetting and punching are integrated to ensure the forming temperature of final forging and improve the forming quality.

(2) The mechanical principle of ring milk making is analyzed, the bite model and Forging Model of ring rolling are theoretically analyzed, and the main process parameters of ring rolling process are introduced.

(3) The ring rolling module of DEFORM software is used to carry out the radial dairy finite element numerical simulation of the ring. The obtained ring has a wide spread deformation and a “fish tail” pit appears on the end face. The finite element analysis shows that the distribution of stress-strain field and temperature field on the ring is uneven during ring rolling.

(4) The spread of the ring and the degree of unevenness of the end face under different process parameters are analyzed. By changing the model parameters, the effects of feed speed, drive roll speed, drive box size and core roll size on the ring spread and “fishtail” shape are obtained. By selecting reasonable rolling process parameters, the ring with uniform end shape can be obtained.

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