Principle of post processing algorithm for spiral bevel gear NC machine tool

In the processing program of NC automatic programming language, the part that transforms the tool path generated in the pre-processing into the NC program of NC machine tool movement or processes the special functions of NC machine tool is called post-processing. Post processing is a connecting hub between computer-aided tool position design and actual machining of complex parts, and it is also an indispensable part in the process of CAD / CAM integration. The post-processing algorithm in spiral bevel gear NC machining is analyzed, and the motion parameters of each coordinate axis of the machine tool are given, which provides a theoretical basis for automatic programming.

Post processing is a process of instruction compilation. It takes cutter bit file as input source, explains the cutter location file by post processing tool, generates macro register variable table, and then calls the corresponding macro process to complete different types of conversion relations.

When calculating the tool path of complex parts, we use the workpiece coordinate system (i.e. the workpiece does not move and the tool moves relative to the workpiece), while in the actual machining, we use the machine tool coordinate system (i.e. the workpiece moves). Therefore, when using the computer to generate the tool motion data processing file, we must carry out coordinate transformation (workpiece coordinate system machine tool coordinate system). The five axis NC machining of spiral bevel gear is studied. The machine tool has three linear motion axes (x, y, z) and two rotary motion axes (a, b) (if the continuous tooth division method or spiral forming method is adopted, the spindle indexing is required, and the machining method is controlled, then the cutter head rotary axis), The tooth cutting of spiral bevel gear is realized through five coordinate linkage.

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