Process analysis of double gear pairing

(1) To meet the high requirement of gear accuracy, foreign high-precision gear grinder is used for gear grinding. Specifically, German Gleason-Pfauter P1200 gear grinder is used for gear grinding. The machining accuracy can reach GB/T 10095-3 level accuracy.

(2) For large deformation of carburizing and quenching of gear teeth, appropriate allowance of grinding teeth should be considered when hobbing teeth to cope with deformation caused by carburizing and quenching.At the same time, it should be considered that the machining allowance of grinding teeth should not be too large, otherwise the depth of carburized layer on the tooth surface will be reduced after grinding, which will reduce the hardness of the tooth surface and affect the quality of the gear.

(3) Gear shaft is machined by single piece, grinding teeth before combination, and grinding teeth after combination is no longer done, so as to avoid interference between grinding wheel and large gear when grinding teeth.

(4) The double gear is designed as a splitting mode with taper connection. The taper is designed as 1:20. The locating pin is used for angular positioning and the diameter of the locating pin is designed as 20 mm. The cylindrical pin hole is machined on the large gear and the key groove is cut on the gear shaft.

(5) The gear grinding process can be used on-line on the gear grinder to locate the center of the reference teeth of spur gear shaft and large gear.

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