Gear measurement and fault diagnosis

The manufacturing error of gear not only affects the stability of power transmission, resulting in vibration noise and dynamic load of transmission system, but also affects the contact performance of gear tooth surface, thus affecting the bearing capacity and service life of gear transmission. Fault diagnosis based on dynamic performance test of gear transmission system is an important means to predict gear failure, which is paid more and more attention by researchers.

Hartig et al. Compared the application effect of CMM, laser tracker and joint bar measuring machine in large gear measurement, pointed out that the measurement results of CMM have good repeatability, while laser tracker and joint bar measuring machine have a great relationship with the operator, and gave some suggestions for using these three measuring instruments to measure the error of large gear.

Rohr proposed a virtual measurement method to detect the curvic coupling on a high-precision CMM, which can replace the special detection tool of the curvic coupling. KAPELEVICH et al. Have carried on the accuracy test to the asymmetric involute gear. Pahlke et al. Developed an on-line measurement technology that can quickly locate and measure gears. Kurokawa et al. Studied the characteristics of side frequency vibration caused by gear eccentricity error. The coupling model of gear motor is applied to the measurement and evaluation of tooth surface failure by CLERC et al. The fault diagnosis of transmission system is carried out through the monitoring of current isoelectric measurement.

Andrei et al. Predicted the failure of gear transmission based on the measurement of dynamic overload. Geramitioski et al. Put forward a method to diagnose the damage of gear tooth surface by laser sensor. Tanaka and so on based on the vibration signal to detect and diagnose the failure of gear tooth surface. Vizintin puts forward the concept of intelligent diagnosis system of gear transmission, and expounds and analyzes its implementation scheme.

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