Profile modification of involute spur gear drive system

For single-stage gear drive system, the influence laws of dynamic load and its parameters are analyzed under steady-state and no-load conditions respectively, and the research on non-linear dynamic characteristics is further carried out. The conclusions obtained can be used to guide the design of gear drive system with low vibration and noise, but they do not fundamentally reduce the vibration and noise of gear drive system.

The rapid change of meshing stiffness of gears during the alternation of single and double teeth meshing is one of the basic reasons for the increased vibration of gear transmission system.Profile modification can effectively mitigate the sharp change of meshing rigidity when single and double teeth engage alternately, fundamentally reduce the meshing impact and reduce the vibration and noise of gear transmission system.The main task of profile modification is to determine three elements: the amount, length and type of profile modification.

Firstly, under quasi-static conditions, the influence of profile modification on meshing stiffness and load distribution coefficient between teeth is studied. Then, based on the yaw-torsion coupling nonlinear dynamic model of gear transmission system, the influence of profile modification parameters on dynamic load is studied, and the influence of profile modification on the strength of gear teeth is further analyzed.

Finally, aiming at reducing the sum of dynamic load coefficient and corresponding amplitude of first seven-order rodent frequency of static transmission error of gear transmission system respectively, dynamic and static performance optimization models are established, and the dynamic loads of optimized gears are compared and analyzed, which verifies the validity of the dynamic performance optimization model and provides theoretical basis for designing gear transmission system with low vibration and noise.

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